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venture firm.

Investing in People, Investing in the Planet.

impact, impact, impact

we invest in...

impact-driven startups built at the intersection of hard science, absurd ambition & guts (sans animal guts)

Why we invest in the planet

It's not just because we love

Investing in the planet is just
good business.

Green tech market will be nearly $50B by 2027

84% of consumers seek out ecoconscious

Plant Milk Market in 2020 was $2.5B

Altprotein market will be at $3.9B by 2027

And yes, cows are cute

Planet earth

Our verticals


No other vertical matters if we don't have a planet to build cool shit on. Let's start here.

Food Tech

Juicy meatless burgers, delicious plant-based pumpkin spice lattes - food that's good for you and even better for the planet.

Cool Stuff

We love anything that's bold, gutsy & ambitious. Our portolio can tell you the rest.

The changemakers

Burgers w/o the moo, sushi w/o the scales, & a world w/o COVID

Badass Companies

Reddit logo


The network of the century.

Impossible Foods logo

Impossible Foods

All the flavor you love - made from plants.

Beyond Meat logo

Beyond Meat

Meat without the moo.

Check out our badass

hell yeah

What's all the talk about?


Co-investors, founders, etc...

“We always felt a great sense of partnership from Mike and his team. Mike went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable with the process, terms, and funding amount. HVP continues to help our team connect with key stakeholders and potential partners. Mike and the HVP team have truly been an investor in our corner."
James Parker
Founder, HiHome
"Hanfield Venture Partners invested early in Troy Medicare and has been a pleasure to work with. Besides being fully transparent, Mike was able to connect me with key investors in the fund that can help grow the company even faster. Most importantly, they take the time to fully understand the business and where they can add value. I highly recommend them to other entrepreneurs looking for a true partner."
Flaviu Simihaian
Founder, Troy Medicare
"Hanfield Venture Partners have been great to work with. Not only is Mike quick and responsive, but he is willing to open his network and assist with referrals when needed. His unique hands on approach has been a much appreciated value-add. I highly recommend Mike and Hanfield Venture Partners to any startup looking for a strategic partner."
Anne Palermo
Founder, Aqua Cultured Foods
"We ran a co-syndication with Mike and had an exceedingly great experience. Mike is sharp, always responsive, and empathetic with founders in a way that will allow him to continue securing hard-to-get allocations."
Ryan Li
Partner, Deep Ventures
"It's been a pleasure working with the team at Hanfield Venture Partners. Always so responsive and eager to advise on integral items like fundraising strategy, marketing goals, and accounting. We couldn't have asked for a better Partner!"
Emanuel Storch
Founder, Blackbird Foods
"We've really enjoyed working with Mike and the team at Hanfield Venture Partners. Collaborating with them during the fundraising diligence process definitely felt more founder friendly than other funds we've worked with. Additionally, they've been quick to provide support from intros to resources to new potential customers."
Mike Galbo
Founder, Plant Provisions


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Ava Ford

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